The Importance of Helper Functions

  1. Readability- Chances are that as software engineers, we will be apart of a team working on task or project. Other team members should be able to go through our code and understand it in a reasonable fashion. The more unnecessary code we have the harder it will be to understand to other developers.
  2. Debugging- The more code that you have in an application usually means more chances to have typos and bugs. It’s much easier to comb over 50 lines of code and avoid mistakes than with 100 lines.
  3. Updatability- Suppose that we want to make a change to a specific function. If our functions is invoked X amount of times in our application, then we’ll have to manually find every part of the program where it’s utilized. Instead it is much easier to just update the function once where it’s defined.
fetch(url)  .then(res => res.json())  .then((filmArr) => {    filmArr.forEach(movieObj => {      movieTitle.innerText = movieobj.title      movieDescrip.innerText = movieobj.description      moviePoster.src = movieobj.poster      movieRuntime.innerText = movieobj.runtime      movieShowTime.innerText =      movieTickRem.innerText = movieobj.capacity-  movieobj.tickets_sold   })})
let updateMovie = (movie) => {  movieTitle.innerText = movie.title  movieDescrip.innerText = movie.description  moviePoster.src = movie.poster  movieRuntime.innerText = movie.runtime  movieShowTime.innerText =  movieTickRem.innerText = movie.capacity — movie.tickets_sold}
.then(res => res.json())
.then((filmArr) => {
filmArr.forEach(movieObj => {




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